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Poster: Eric Reiter Date: Jul 5, 2003 6:37pm
Forum: researchproposals Subject: Research Proposal from Eric Reiter

Which collection would you like to work with: web3tb
Name: Eric Reiter
Organization: Unquantum
Project name: A Serious Challenge to Quantization
Abstract: There is a piece of research I would like to make available, but I would like its image and date fixed so that people know from where and when it came. The abstract of the paper:

A Serious Challenge to Quantization
In a thought experiment, A. Einstein proposed that each photon would go one way or another at a beam splitter. In testing this model, I have implemented a series of experiments using 109Cd and 57Co that have split their primary gamma-ray and show coincidence surpassing chance in two detectors. These are full-height pulses, which directly violate the concept of the photon (E = h nu for light), and indirectly, the concept of quantized free charge. To help understand how all this can possibly be true I have identified conceptual and experimental flaws in previous works, and have developed a theory. Instead of quantization, I use a threshold concept to explain the particle-like properties of the charge-wave; this avoids wave-particle duality.

Description: At least 5 Mbytes of space are needed for the text and important photos.